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Scott Stuber interview: how Netflix beat Hollywood at its own game



Scott Stuber is still in awe of the stars he works with, yet the head of film at the streaming giant is now a big wheel in the industry

Scott Stuber laughs nervously when I ask if he is now the most important man in Hollywood. The head of film at the streaming giant Netflix, which has 209 million subscribers in 190 countries, says he always remembers that no one is irreplaceable. “I am just a guy in a chair that someone else will [one day] occupy.”

It is, nonetheless, a very big chair: Stuber, 52, oversees the Netflix film slate and when he joined early in 2017, he had to fix a glaring problem. While the company was winning acclaim for its original series, customers were still complaining about the quality of its film offering and Hollywood was sniffy, with some directors arguing that Netflix films should not be eligible for big awards.

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