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Google Pixel Watch may be unveiled early but arrive late



While we know everything about Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro by now, and we are only waiting for the official launch on October 19, on Pixel Watch instead the flow of news has been abruptly interrupted. Even for the Mountain View smartwatch, the rumors had predicted a presentation in the current month, and however, on this front, there has been flat calm for some time.
Today, the leaker Max Weinbach on his Twitter profile has decided to return to the topic and unbalance himself. His sources six months ago told him that the launch could be subject to postponement depending on how the situation of the chip crisis would evolve, which as we know is a reality still alive and with a strong transversal impact throughout the industry.

Weinbach’s assessment, just over a week after Google’s October 19 event, is that the Pixel Watch would be postponed, meaning it will likely only hit the market next year. There would still be the possibility, however, that at least the presentation will take place soon, and therefore already next Tuesday, on the sidelines of that of the new Big G smartphones, and despite the postponed launch. Or the whole package – presentation and launch – will be postponed to 2022.

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The Pixel Watch, in any case, is a project that in the past had already been cherished by Google and then suspended: it was in fact expected that Mountain View would enter the sector already in 2019, but then it is the design of the product ( edited by LG) and the performance had proved to be disappointing to the point of inducing a sharp reverse

Although little is known about the smartwatch, as per tradition, Google products are mercilessly spoiled well in advance of the launch: the appearance of Pixel 6, to say, we have even known it since May. As for Pixel Watch, the renderings that emerged in April that you see above describe a device with an absolutely minimal approach, with a circular case, the choice of a 2.5D glass to cover the generous display and a single button on the right side of the body. Which should have a rather slim profile

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