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James Bond’s sexiest Bond Girls of all time – where the 007 stars are today



James Bond is famous for his female love interests who often dominate the storyline – but what have the likes of Denise Richards and Halle Berry been upto recently?

No James Bond film would be complete without a steely Bond Girl, taking down the suave secret agent with her honed fighting skills and razor-sharp wit.

Over the years, tens of actresses from across the globe have earned the coveted title of “Bond Girl”, with nearly 30 007 films to date.

These femme Fatales are often more famous than the Bond actors themselves, stealing the show with cutthroat action shots and steamy bed scenes.

Stars like Denise Richards, Halle Berry, Barbara Bach and Britt Ekland have cemented their status as the most beloved Bond Girls of all time, forever linked with the spy franchise.

Daily Star has taken a look into the archives to see where the James Bond girls are nowadays.

Ursula Andress

Famed as the first-ever Bond Girl, Ursula Andress starred as Honey Ryder in the 1962 film Dr No, opposite Sean Connery.

The 84-year-old Swiss bombshell made cinema history in her opening scene, when she rose out of the Caribbean Sea in a white belted bikini, a diving knife secured at her hip.

Speaking to The Telegraph in 2001, Ursula credited her lengthy film career to the iconic white bikini.

She said: “This bikini made me into a success. As a result of starring in Dr No as the first Bond Girl, I was given the freedom to take my pick of future roles and to become financially independent.”

The swimsuit was later auctioned off for the whopping sum of £41,125, proving to be a true fixture of film history.

Ursula’s acting career thrived throughout the 60s and 70s, securing her status as a sex symbol with roles in films such as The Sensuous Nurse and Fun in Acapulco.

Today, she lives between Rome and Switzerland and has one son named Dimitri Hamlin, 40, born from a relationship with her former actor fiancé Harry Hamlin.

The Spy Who Loved Me was a box office hit back in 1977, with Barbara Bach playing the sultry Bond Girl Anya Amasova.

With Roger Moore playing the iconic MI6 agent, Bond teamed up with Major Anya Amasova after murdering her lover in Austria.

The 73-year-old star later hit out at the film franchise, branding Bond as “a chauvinist pig who uses girls to shield him against bullets”, according to People magazine.

Barbara was later featured in a Playboy magazine spread celebrating her role as a Bond girl, titled “Bonded Barbara”.

In the years that followed, she took a step out of the spotlight and married The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr in a 1981 ceremony.

The happy couple is still married today and split their time between their homes in Cranleigh, Los Angeles, and Monte Carlo.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry made waves with her appearance in 2002’s Die Another Day, channelling original Bond Girl Ursula Andress as she climbed out of the ocean in her opening shot.

The 54-year-old bombshell became an instant sex symbol with her bright orange bikini, playing NSA agent Jinx Johnson opposite Pierce Brosnan’s Bond.

Earlier this year, Halle admitted Pierce “saved her life” during the filming of the 007 flicks, reflecting on the incident during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

She said: “One time I was doing a scene with Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day. I was supposed to be all sexy and trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I ended up choking on it.

“He had to get up and do the Heimlich [manoeuvre]. It was so not sexy, like so not sexy!”

Of every Bond Girl, Halle has arguably enjoyed the most successful career, going on to appear in X-Men, Catwoman and the John Wick film franchise.

Halle tied the knot with French actor Olivier Martinez in 2013, though the two announced their divorce three years later.

The US actress has two children – one daughter from a former relationship with French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, and a son by Martinez.

Britt Ekland

Swedish beauty Britt Ekland brought some Scandinavian glamour to the role of Mary Goodnight in 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun.

Starring opposite Roger Moore as Bond, Britt played a British agent enlisted to help the MI6 spy in taking down the assassin Francisco Scaramanga.

The 78-year-old was already a star before she landed the role, thanks to her high-profile relationship with comic Peter Sellers and her lead role in The Wicker Man.

In 1975, she started a two-year relationship with rock star Rod Stewart, later claiming the singer once wore her underwear onstage.

The model and film star went on to marry Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom – who was 19 years her junior at the time – though they divorced in 1992.

Britt has three children by three different partners – a daughter, Victoria Sellers, and sons Nic Adler and Thomas Jefferson.

In 1980, she released an autobiography about her life, titled True Britt, in which she discussed the legacy of becoming a Bond Girl.

More recently, she has put her name to several theatre productions and television shows, including I’m A Celeb and Loose Women.

Earlier this year, she appeared on BBC’s Real Marigold Hotel, which saw her explore India with a group of low-key celebrities.

Gloria Hendry

Back in 1973, Gloria Hendry sent pulses racing as junior CIA agent Rosie Carver in Live and Let Die.

Starring Roger Moore, the film saw Bond enlist the help of Rosie in San Monique, a fictional island country in the Caribbean Sea, though she was murdered in later scenes.

The first black woman to play one of Bond’s love interests, Gloria, 71, discussed her role as a Bond Girl in her self-titled memoir, Gloria.

Speaking about landing her first audition for the Bond film at San Diego comic-con in 2018, she recalled: “I said, ‘I’m not tall, I’m not blonde, I’m not big-busted. Why do you want to see me?’

Denise Richards is better known as a Real Housewives star today, but back in 1999, she cemented her star status by joining the elite Bond Girl ranks.

The 50-year-old played an American nuclear physicist named Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough, starring opposite hunky Irishman Pierce Brosnan.

Denise’s character was slammed by critics for her unlikely wardrobe choices, but the actress later hit back, telling USA Today: “These Bond Girls are so outrageous and if I did really look like a scientist, the Bond fans would have been disappointed.”

The US actress went on to appear on shows such as Friends, and starred in films Valentine, Love Actually and Scary Movie 3.

Continuing to model in the years that followed, Denise has developed her own skincare line as well as working as a brand ambassador for a number of beauty products.

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