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Panic after Alleged Big Name Left Out In Uhuru’s Mashujaa Day List



Mashujaa Day Celebrations is scheduled to take place on the 20th of October. Yesterday PS Kibicho was accompanied together with other officials to check the preparations that had been undertaken by Kirinyaga County which will host this year’s Mashujaa Day celebration.

Through a statement by the Ministry of Internal Security, it was directed that only Kirinyanga County will be allowed to hold the celebration.

This day is celebrated for those people that had done great job in the nation long time ago and in the current time. It has always been observed that big names are always left out in the list of the “Mashujaas’.
This time rouund, big name has also been left out.That of Ahmednassir Abdulahi who is a popular lawyer known as Grand Mullah and has assisted the nation in matters of law over tge years

The missing of Ahmednassir’s name was confirmed by his fellow lawyer Proffesor Makau Mutua who said that he was not happy for such an even to take place
” I am UPSET that my friend SC @ahmednasirlaw — an iconic lawyer and outstanding Kenyan — isn’t on the list for State Awards to be DOLED out on Mashujaa Day on October 20. Why is your affection for your @JubileePartyK not being requited with love?”, Makau Mutua stated.

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