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Actor of Popular Ghana TV series Taxi Driver: Psalm Adjeteyfio Begs for Help; says he Needs $496 USD to Pay House Rent in Video



Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio of Taxi Driver TVseries that airs in Ghana and some of their WestAfrican neighboring countries like Nigeria, needs urgent financial assistance of $496 USD which is equivalent to 3,000GHS in their local currency to pay his rent or risk eviction from his house. Famously known as TT for his role in Taxi Driver, the legendary entertainer also disclosed that he needs financial help to pay his electricity bills.

In an exclusive interview with Sep1tv’s Emmanuel Agyemang, TT decried his current predicament, revealing his struggle to pay his medical bills.

Money spent on his health TT, who suffers from a heart condition, disclosed he has spent $993USD which is equivalent 6,000 in their local currency on hospital bills and medication, adding that he lost all forms of assistance from family and friends due to the prevailing pandemic.

TT has graced the television screens in the homes of Ghanaians, featuring in popular films and TV series such as Taxi Driver and Jamestown Fisherman.

Psalm Adjeteyfio needs money for his heart surgery Meanwhile, TT was in the news in 2019 due to his deteriorating health condition. At the time, he required financial support from the public to undergo heart surgery. He revealed that his medical problems started when he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, leading to swollen feet, adding that the condition later evolved into a critical heart disease that needed immediate attention.

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