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Please read below and you’ll be amazed…and the remedy is for all ages

*Pineapple leaves can thus do wonders to your health, and before you ponder further go and grab some boiled water of pineapple leaves to stay fit and healthy

PINEAPPLE LEAVES: Do not waste it any more, why complain of inflammatory pains and waist pain, make tea from it. It wipes all pains in seconds, heals ulcer and cough too. It nourishes the body and it is better than poisoning your system with ibuprofen capsules, tramadol pain reliever that do endanger life and cause ulcer…
Just boil and drink.

Pineapple Leaves contains
👉Calcium oxalate
👉Bromelin enzyme
👉Pectic substantial

Heals bleeding from Nose
For those of you who experience frequent bleeding from nose because of fatigue or stress, you can cure it by drinking boiled water pineapple leaves regularly. To make it a bit tastier, you can add some honey to it.

Drives away weakness
Pineapple leaves are also effective in curing weaknesses by providing energy and increasing blood circulation.

Boosts immunity
Pineapple leaves are also significant in boosting the immunity of our body by helping it fighting against disease causing microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and so on.

Controls Diabetes
Pineapple, being rich in fiber, is a great food for diabetics and intake of pineapple leaves results in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.

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Green tea drinkers, beware. You are loading DDT insecticides into your body systems that will endanger your system.

GO NATURAL. Look around your home, if it’s mango leaves, pluck 3 leaves, drop them in cup of hot water and drink.It’s excellent tea drink. It strengthens the nervous system, especially those with shaky nervous hands, it stops with time.

What of guava leaves? Waoo, it’s full of power, strength, supplies real time energy & full of antioxidant; Avocado, it’s a super drink. It lowers cholesterol load, helps flush out excess fluid that hypes your heart beats, instead of going in for water pill.

What of Moringa leaves that messes your compound, growing up to 30 ft tall? Pluck the leaves, make green teas from it. The tea takes care of over 300 diseases in your system.

Pineapple leaves? Do not waste it. Why complain of inflammatory pains, and waist pains? Make tea from it. It wipes all pains in seconds, heals ulcer and cough too. It’s better taken to nourish your body than poisoning your system with ibuprofen capsules, tramadol, pain reliever, that do unending danger to life and causes ulcer.

Drink natural green tea from economic tree leaves around your home. It’s beneficial to do it. You eat their fruits and there is nothing bad in their leaves.


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