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19-year-old US man who masterminded his kidnap to get out of work, gets fired



A 19-year-old man from Coolidge, a city in Arizona, US, masterminded his kidnapping to get out of work. He later confessed to the police that he lied. He was arrested and dissmissed from his job.
what would you do to get an off from work? Probably ask your employer to grant you a leave. But a 19-year-old factory employee from Coolidge, a city in Arizona, US, went the extra mile. He faked his own kidnapping. You can read that again.

According to the Daily Mail, Brandon Soules, 19, masterminded his kidnapping to get out of work. According to the police, they found Soules, who worked at The Tire Factory, near a water tower. His hands were tied with a belt, and a bandana was stuffed in his mouth. He was found by a passer-by.
He had told the police that he was kidnapped by two men. They knocked him unconscious and drove him around in a vehicle before leaving him by a water tower. He had claimed that they kidnapped him because his dad had hidden money around town.

However, later when the Coolidge Police Officers conducted an investigation, they found no evidence that a kidnapping or assault had occurred. They even tried to look at surveillance videos to match his story but saw no signs of it all being true.

According to a local publication, The Coolidge Examiner, Soules later confessed to the police that he had made up the story as an excuse to get out of of work. He was arrested on February 17, 2021 for misleading the general public

He narated how he planned the fake kidnapped scam to us that he, at first he stuffed a bandanna in his mouth and afterward he took off his own belt and bound his hands with his own belt. And laid on the ground and scooted out to the side of the road where somebody could see him and waited,” an official told ABC

Soules was later fired by his company.

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