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Bobby Shmurda Set To Be released February 23rd 2021!



Its been a long 7 years since the sensational New York rapper was sent to jail for various charges.

A friend of Bobby Schmurda and fellow New York rapper “Rowdy Rebel” made a post online some weeks back stating that Bobby would soon be out of the penitentiary.

After series of court appeals, he was slated to be released in 10 months time, but luck has shined on his side and recently Shmurda’s mum Leslie Pollard confirmed that bobby will be home on the 23rd of February to spend some quality time with family and that she is joyfully counting down the hours to his release.

Its definitely a joy for the family and the entire New York rap scene.

Bobby Schurda’s release is a conditional one and he is going to be on parole till 2026 according to the reports from his parole officer, and he is just going to lay low and devote his time to creating music.

TMZ tweet confirming the release of Bobby Shmurda.
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