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Vikas Khanna opens a tin of cookies in viral video. The caption will make you nostalgic



In the viral video, Vikas Khanna opened a circular blue tin that contained yummy Danish Butter cookies. The caption of his post will make you nostalgic.

Celebrated chef Vikas Khanna shared a short video featuring a box of cookies in his new post on Twitter on February 11 but that’s not the story. It is the thought behind Vikas’s post that you will be able to relate to for sure. We’ll tell you more about it.

In the video, Vikas opened a circular blue tin that contained yummy Danish Butter cookies. Enjoy the biscuits but what will you do with the tin after you are done with the cookies? The answer is in Vikas’s caption of the post.

The point is that Vikas “always thought that this was to keep Biji’s sewing kit.” True that. Such tins are most often reutilized for storing trinkets or other stuff, and as Vikas said, for keeping sewing needles, threads, buttons, thimbles and scissors.

“Ohhhh. Wait a minute. This box is for cookies??? I always thought that this was to keep Biji’s sewing kit,” Vikas Khanna said in the caption of his post.

See Vikas Khanna’s post here:

Vikas Khanna’s post collected thousands of likes and views apart from retweets. It has gone viral on social media as netizens were able to relate to his post and found it rather nostalgic. The comments section is filled with heart emoticons, pictures and fond memories that users shared.

“I grew up eating these cookies. Delicious!!! Especially the pretzel ones. My mom used to use these boxes for storing embroidery and knitting yarns and sewing kits too,” one of the users said.

Another comment reads, “Ha ha…I still have my mom’s dabba….with her needles and threads….yaad dila diya aap ne Vikas!”

See the comments here:

Vikas Khanna is a Michelin-Star-Chef and also appeared as a judge on MasterChef India. He also directed The Last Color starring Neena Gupta.

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