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Disgusting Tales Of Nigerian Pastors Who Shamelessly Gave FAKE PROPHECIES About Trump’s Re-Election Bid



Biden’s inauguration made me very enraged with pastors who have constantly engaged in the business of spreading falsehood in the guise of prophecy. 

I watched with heightened expectation, the flurry of breezing activities as Joe Biden got sworn in as the 46th President of the United States today. Needless to say, the scenes were euphoric and jubilantly gleeful and they made me wish I was an American myself.

Clad in his black suit, Biden looked every inch the famed victor who sent the treacherous Trump packing from White House after a disastrous 4-year reign marred by unbelievable scandals and countless, brazen lies. And, with the first female Vice President of the United States by his side, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cut the image of a King and Queen celebrating the triumphant take-back of their lost kingdom.

As a Nigerian, I am, of course, more concerned about what happens in my country but the inauguration of Joe Biden gave me chills as if to say I was an American myself. Biden’s inauguration brought to an end the Donald Trump era which had unprecedentedly reduced America to contemptuous mockery around the world. Millions of Americans who had had enough of Donald Trump watched with glee as Joe Biden took the oath of office at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.

And just like that, Joe Biden is now the 46th President of the United States of America! Incredible!!

Now, while this is a happy, euphoric thing, it has also made me very furious! No, not at Trump or anyone else in American politics; I was furious with some of our Nigerian pastors. Biden’s inauguration made me very enraged with pastors who have constantly engaged in the business of spreading falsehood in the guise of prophecy. Pastors who spew complete NONSENSE and outright LIES on the pulpit and then go on to term the falsehood as ‘revelations’ shown to them by God Himself.

These very disgusting ‘God of men’ have shamelessly made a mockery of the core tents of Christianity and have reduced the pastoral calling to derision. Shortly before the US Presidential election, Nigerian pastors began to prophecy on what God had shown them about the outcome of the highly anticipated face-off between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Some of these people stood there on the pulpit and shamelessly lied that God revealed it to them Donald Trump will be re-elected.

Of course, God cannot lie so the mere fact that Donald Trump lost the election clearly shows that these clerics never heard from God, never heard Him telling them Donald Trump will win the election. It means they consciously made up lies and then told those lies to their members and even had the audacity to call the lies “prophesy”.

Some Christians will ask for caution in talking about these matters. However, let me bluntly state it right here that I have no patience with people like this. They must be shamed and ridiculed as they tried to ridicule Christianity and the pastoral calling.

I have watched some videos of Nigerian pastors revealing ‘what God told them’ about the US Presidential election and some of these videos made me cover my face in shame. Shame on their behalf of course! Two of those videos especially caught my attention; one showing Pastor David Elijah and the other showing Pastor Taribo West.

David Elijah who happens to be a pastor at Glorious Mount of Possibility Church, Yaba, Lagos, was caught on camera telling his congregation that God had specifically shown him that Donald Trump would be re-elected as the US President. As expected, the church roared with approval, clapping excitedly with joy at their pastor’s seeming ‘connection with God’

According to David Elijah, Donald Trump would be reelected and a popular politician would get so heartbroken by Mr. Trump’s victory that he would commit suicide. However, as things later turned out, Donald Trump lost woefully at the polls and even went on to refuse to concede defeat.

The contemptible video of Pastor David Elijah giving his shamelessly fake prophecy went viral on social media after Trump lost his reelection bid, and this attracted a lot of criticism his way, of course.

On his part, Pastor Taribo West, the former Super Eagles superstar turned cleric was also seen prophesying that Donald Trump would be reelected President of the United States. In the video which, as expected, also went viral after Trump lost the election, Taribo West was seen boasting about his ability to predict election results. He reminded his listeners about how he predicted Governor Akeredolu’s win as Ondo State governor and then expressly stated that Trump would re-emerge as the President of America. Thereafter, he told them to spread the word about what he had just told them.

Of course, Trump lost the election and Taribo West was subjected to intense ridicule on social media.

And this is the sad thing with these kinds of situations; pastors who give fake prophecies attract ridicule and mockery when the prophecies fail to come to pass. But then, the ridicule does not come to them alone but passes over to Christendom as a whole. Many have often claimed that if pastors can lie from the pulpit, then nothing that comes from their mouths should be believed. And if nothing that comes from the mouths of pastors should be believed then there is no need to listen to them at all. This is one reason why so many people have stopped attending church services.

This is not the first time we are seeing prophecies fail to come to pass. As a matter of fact, it is now a norm. At the beginning of every year, pastors rush to release prophecies about what would happen throughout that year. Many of these prophesies never come to pass and this leaves me wondering why these clerics will choose to embarrass themselves for nothing.

These Pastors should be ASHAMED of themselves for reducing themselves to mere attention seekers. Many of them are now like social media stars desperately looking for new followers. Like I said, I don’t have any patience for people like this because they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they must be called out! It is time trends like this change for good.

Dear pastor, if you have seen or heard NOTHING from God, then do not say anything! Keep quiet and preach about salvation instead. It is not compulsory to give prophecies to stay relevant. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi is one of the most adored and talked-about pastors in Africa but he does not give prophecies at the beginning of every year.

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