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US Congress overrides Trump defence spending bill veto



The US Congress has overturned President Donald Trump’s veto of a defence spending bill, the first time this has happened in his presidency.

The Republican-controlled Senate held a rare New Year’s Day session to debate the move, which had already been voted for by the House of Representatives.

The $740bn (£549bn) bill will fund defence policy for the year to come.

Mr Trump, who leaves office in a few weeks, objected to certain provisions in the bill.

The Senate voted 81-13 for the measure – a two-thirds majority is required to override a presidential veto in both chambers.

It comes just two days before a new US Congress is due to be sworn in.

Mr Trump had taken issue with policies that limit troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Europe and remove Confederate leaders’ names from military bases.

He also wanted the bill to repeal a liability shield for social media companies.