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You go girl! Nikita Kering set to drop debut EP



Singer Nikita Kering is set to release her debut album early November. The singer has already released the song ‘Let You Go’ and now ‘Better Than Ever’ off the album.

Basing the song on experiences around herself, family, friends and other people who have impacted her life, Nikita states that

“I was writing the lyrics to the song when I was at an awkward phase in my life with my friends.”

Nikita says those are the perfect moments to write a song. The song is about being in love, but inside there is an emptiness and loneliness and only when you walk away from that relationship do you find yourself and the strength that’s within you.

Nikita explains that ‘Where You Been’ is relatable to people who are in relationships but are unhappy. She continues to say that she just wants to be honest with her audience and give them something they don’t expect which is her truth.