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In the door, 9000 soldiers shouted: “God of war, please come back!”Mother-in-law: “Who’s god of war?” The poor son-in-law stood up: “I am.



Lin Wenjing was doing laundry for the entire family when his mother-in-law, Liu Qiaozhen, hurled a shirt at his face and commanded in a haughty tone, “Lin Wenjing, wash this shirt for me first.”The edge of Lin Wenjing’s lips twitched. He could no longer stand his mother-in-law’s unreasonable demands and retorted, “Mother, can you please leave your clothes in the basket instead of throwing it at my face the next time you want me to do the laundry? I am your son-in-law after all.”Wasn’t he right? It was extremely humiliating to have a shirt thrown at him.However, he received a slap on his head by his mother-in-law. “Stop your nonsense and just wash the clothes as I have instructed. Otherwise, I might shove the shirt into your mouth next time. You’re just rubbish, yet you have the audacity to complain about anything and everything. Let me tell you something. If you don’t wash it thoroughly, you will have to starve today!”As if criticizing verbally was not enough, she gave another slap on Lin Wenjing’s head.Lin Wenjing trembled in anger while his mother-in-law said contemptuously, “What? Are you unhappy with that and want to hit me? Go on, hit me if you dare. I’m not looking down on you. If you have the guts to touch me once, I’ll consider it as your victory. But do you dare to? What a good-for-nothing!”If he could, Lin Wenjing would punch her regardless of the consequences. These few years, he had been living the life of a dog in the Chu family, or even worse. He spent his days doing endless chores, and often felt hungry. They treated him this way because he was a live-in son-in-law.Moreover, he had never even touched his wife’s hands even though they had been married for 4 years. Although he was holding the title of ‘son-in-law’, he was actually a mere servant in the Chu family.“Trash is indeed trash. You don’t even dare to hit me even though I allowed you to do so. Living such a cowardly life as a man, you might as well die!” Liu Qiaozhen attacked him with vicious words.Lin Wenjing bowed his head with clenched fists. He did not dare to speak for himself even though his fingernails had sunk into his flesh.“Mother, how many times have I told you? Don’t throw clothes at Lin Wenjing’s face. He has dignity too.”Upon hearing that, Lin Wenjing shuddered. He then raised his head and saw a stunning girl standing at the door with slightly furrowed eyebrows.This girl was his wife, Chu Ling. She was a woman of peerless beauty.In Chu Ling’s eyes, he found indifference and disappointment.“Dignity? Why don’t you ask him if he has dignity or not? Does he even know what dignity is?” Liu Qiaozhen scoffed. “How I wish he was a man of dignity too. Then, the Chu family wouldn’t be criticized by others! But can he do that?!”Chu Ling stared at Lin Wenjing with her expectant eyes, only to find Lin Wenjing unmoved. Thus, she felt even more disappointed. It seemed like she had overestimated him. Lin Wenjing was just a good-for-nothing, unworthy of any expectations.“Enough, mother. We shall leave soon after getting ready. Father is waiting for us downstairs,” Chu Ling said.Liu Qiaozhen suddenly realised something and pulled Chu Ling aside. She then whispered to Chu Ling, “Chu Ling, is there no other choice? I heard that Mr. Wang is an ugly, fat, old codger!”Lin Wenjing overheard this sentence while he was washing the clothes. With a slight tremble, his ears perked up to listen to their conversation.Chu Ling closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she nodded and replied, “This is the only way to save our family.”Liu Qiaozhen retorted with displeasure, “You’re not the only girl in this family. Chu Xuan and Chu Yuan are also pretty! Why do you have to be sacrificed? Besides, you are married now. If this news is spread to the public, your reputation will be destroyed!”There was a tinge of sadness and self-mockery in Chu Ling’s eyes. “I guess this is fate. After all, my status is the lowest in this family.”Liu Qiaozhen turned back and glared at Lin Wenjing. “I shouldn’t have agreed to let you marry this piece of trash at that time. If only you had married a man who was just slightly better than him, you wouldn’t have to endure this.”Chu Ling set her gaze on Lin Wenjing as well, who was doing laundry diligently. The disappointment in her eyes became greater. In the end, she sighed helplessly and shook her head as she said, “I have always known that he was not competent, and I don’t expect much from him. Besides, grandfather hasn’t made his decision, so there is still hope…”“Really?” Liu Qiaozhen’s eyes glimmered.Chu Ling gave a doleful, bitter smile. “Maybe.”Both of them were standing quite a distance from Lin Wenjing, so they thought he could not hear them. In actuality, Lin Wenjing could hear them clearly. He raised his head, exposing his bloodshot eyes while his heart churned with emotions. He was unable to calm himself down. He wished he could say it aloud to Chu Ling that he was not trash, but the second son of the Lin family in Hua City, and he was a nobleman with power. Yet, he could not do so because he had great obligations.When Chu Ling and Liu Qiaozhen left, he clenched his teeth and decided to follow them.After he got downstairs, he realized that Chu Ling and Liu Qiaozhen had gotten into his father-in-law’s car and left. He had no choice but to hop onto an electric bicycle and chase after them.Fortunately, it was the evening rush hour, and the road was congested with vehicles. If not, he could barely catch up with his rundown electric bicycle.Half an hour later, his father-in-law’s car in front of him stopped, and three of them went into a building. Lin Wenjing realized that this was the office building of the Chu family’s company.The Chu family ran an apparel company which raked in profit in the 10 millions. In the first year of their marriage, Chu Ling had brought him here twice. The last time he was here, he accidentally offended Chu Ling’s cousin brother. Since then, the Chu family prohibited him from coming here.“What’s wrong with you? Why did you arrive so late? We have waited for you for hours!”In the room, more than 20 people were seated. The one who voiced his dissatisfaction was an elderly.“We’re extremely sorry to keep everyone waiting. We got stuck in traffic so it took quite some time to get here.” Chu Ling’s father, Chu Zhenyao, bowed and apologized to them in a reverent and humble manner.“Alright. Let’s sit down and discuss how to get through this crisis,” the elderly waved his hands and said.Chu Hao stood up and suggested, “Grandfather, President Wang has agreed to lend us 20 million without interest if we are willing to send one of our pretty female family members to accompany him for 3 days, provided that the loan is paid back in 3 years. I think we should agree to his terms. Once we have this 20 million for turnover, we can surely survive this crisis.”Chu Hao’s grandfather, Chu Guodong, nodded and asked, “Chu Xuan, Chu Yuan and Chu Ling, three of you are the only girls in the Chu family who meet the requirements. Chu family is at a critical juncture now, so which one of you is willing to sacrifice for the family?”Chu Xuan was the first one who stood up and said, “Grandfather, I am already engaged to Junze. If this was leaked out, my marriage will be destroyed. More importantly, my menses just started yesterday… Grandfather, I really wish to sacrifice for the family, but my situation doesn’t allow me to do so…”Immediately after her, Chu Yuan stood up and said, “Grandfather, I’m afraid I can’t too. I just found out that I’m pregnant a few days ago. If I serve President Wang, my baby will be harmed. Grandfather, I wish to sacrifice for the family too, but it’s beyond my ability now!”Both of them appeared to be pitiful and they tried hard to squeeze out a few drops of tears. After stating their excuses, they turned to look at Chu Ling at the side simultaneously, revealing the complacency and pleasure in their eyes.Ever since they were young, they had been extremely jealous of Chu Ling. There was no other reason other than the fact that she was prettier than them, and her education level was higher than them.All the boys they flirted with at first would always fall in love with Chu Ling without hesitation once they met her.They thought that Chu Ling, who was a stunning woman, would certainly be married to a wealthy family and enjoy a glorious and splendid life. To their surprise, they thought that Chu Ling must have had a few loose screws when she married a live-in husband. Most importantly, this live-in husband was a useless piece of trash, and this made them extremely happy.Now, their family had met with a great financial crisis, and the bank was not willing to offer them loans. The only person who was willing to lend them money was that ugly and fat President Wang. Since Chu Ling was a peerless beauty, she should sacrifice for the family.Chu Guodong looked at Chu Ling and asked with his eyes narrowed, “Chu Ling, at this critical juncture, you’re not having menses or is pregnant, are you?”Liu Qiaozhen stepped forward immediately and objected, “Master, Chu Ling is married, and it will be their 4th anniversary 2 days later. If Wenjing found out about this, it will affect their relationship!”Chu Hao retorted immediately, “That useless Lin Wenjing? So what if he finds out about it? He’s just a live-in husband who married into our family. In my opinion, marrying Lin Wenjing is such a waste for Chu Ling’s unparalleled beauty! If she accompanied President Wang, she might be favored by him and eventually become his woman. Isn’t this 100 times better than being the wife of Lin Wenjing, that piece of trash?”Following that, he added unctuously, “I’m doing what’s best for Chu Ling. Don’t you think that I have a point here, guys?”“Yes, yes, yes…”“Chu Hao has a point. It’s indeed a lot better being the woman of President Wang compared to Lin Wenjing.”“We just want the best for Chu Ling. In this case, we can kill two birds with one stone!”Everyone in the meeting hall echoed Chu Hao’s view.As the person who was involved, Chu Ling did not utter a word and just stared outside the window, deep in her thoughts. Liu Qiaozhen nudged her and said, “My dear daughter, why are you daydreaming? Please say something. I’m almost dying of anxiety.”Chu Ling averted her gaze from the window to her grandfather, Chu Guodong, and said something that left everyone stunned. “I am willing to accompany President Wang…”Liu Qiaozhen was shocked immediately. She then stared at Chu Ling with widened eyes, “Chu Ling, are you crazy? What nonsense are you spewing?!”Chu Guodong was overjoyed at once. “Great! Very well, Chu Ling. You are indeed my beloved granddaughter. You clearly know the right thing to do!”Everyone else became full of vigor. They did not expect Chu Ling to agree to this so readily. It seemed like Chu Ling was not a loyal woman, and she worshipped money after all.Chu Ling continued, “Grandfather, I’m not done speaking. I am willing to accompany General Manager Wang for three days, but under one condition.”“What condition? Please go on.” Chu Guodong could not bear the suspense.Chu Ling inhaled deeply and continued, “I want 10% of the family’s stock to be transferred to my parent’s name. In addition, I want the family to give me two million in cash, which will be transferred to Lin Wenjing’s account.”Upon hearing her requests, Chu Guodong furrowed his eyebrows while the others were stunned. It was understandable why she requested for 10% of stock to be given to Chu Zhenyao and Liu Qiaozhen. But why did she want to give 2 million to Lin Wenjing?Lin Wenjing was just a worthless person after all, and it was already such a great misfortune to marry this man. Why would she want to give him money on top of that?At this moment, the door of the meeting hall was pushed open violently. A man strode in and said firmly, “I don’t agree!”This man was Lin Wenjing.His presence caused everyone in the meeting hall to be stupefied and gaped at him. Even Chu Ling did not expect him to appear at this place.Actually, Lin Wenjing had been standing outside the door for quite some time. His hearing was better than the usual people, so he heard their conversation just now clearly.When he heard Chu Ling’s request, he could no longer stay outside and burst in.At this moment, he stared firmly at Chu Ling with his bloodshot eyes. He had never thought that there would be times where Chu Ling cared for him.“Lin Wenjing?!”“Outrageous! How dare you storm in uninvited? Get out now!”“What a shameless person! This is the Chu family’s meeting. Who gave you the guts to barge in?!”“What are you looking at? Get out now!”Lin Wenjing was unmoved by the harsh words from everyone. He then walked toward Chu Ling and spoke in a gentle tone, “I’m sorry for being late, Chu Ling.”Looking at Lin Wenjing at this moment, Chu Ling could not help but feel dazed for a second. She felt that Lin Wenjing was somewhat different now.Chu Guodong slammed the table and berated loudly, “Lin Wenjing, how dare you barge in? Who allowed you to come in here? Do you know who this place belongs to?!”Lin Wenjing turned around to look at Chu Guodong and replied, “Grandfather, I know that I’m not supposed to be here, but you left me no choice. Chu Ling is my wife, and I won’t agree to her sacrificing her body and soul for the sake of the family’s interest!”His speech was sonorous and powerful, bearing an uncompromising stand which he had never displayed before. This made everyone reappraise him. Is this the piece of trash that they knew?Lin Wenjing was clear that it was risky for him to do this. If the Lin family found out, he would be doomed forever!Undoubtedly, he was the second son of the Lin family. However, he was expelled from the Lin family 5 years ago, and was ordered not to reveal the fact that he was the second young master of the Lin family. Otherwise, he would be beaten to death!In order to live, he had to conceal himself and act as a worthless person everyday. He did not dare to demonstrate any ability because he knew that if anyone from the Lin family found out that he had not become a useless person, death would await him! Even the whole Chu family would be implicated! He was not afraid of death, but he could not bring trouble upon Chu Ling’s family.Because of that, he had been living in degradation for four years. He endured hardships and was constantly striving to regain his ability in order to plan retaliation and seize back what was his.But now that he was faced with Chu Ling’s crisis, he had no choice but to speak up.Chu Hao who was aside mocked, “You disagree? Who do you think you are to disagree? You’re just a live-in son-in-law. Ever since you married into our family 4 years ago, the money you spent and used came from the Chu family. Without the support of the Chu family, you would have been long gone due to starvation! It’s a shame for us men that a person as cowardly as you exists. If I were you, I would have just committed suicide.”Lin Wenjing puffed out his chest and responded, “I have the right to disagree because I can offer 20 million to help the Chu family survive this crisis!”Upon hearing his words, everyone was stunned for a while. Right after that, they burst out laughing as if they had just heard the funniest joke.“Did I hear him wrongly? Did this piece of trash just say that he can come up with 20 million? Him?!”“What an idiot. Does he have any idea how much money 20 million is? He can’t even earn that amount even if he worked for ten lives!”“Chu Ling is so beautiful, yet she’s married to this guy. How tragic!”Everyone was jeering at Lin Wenjing, and their remarks were beyond caustic.Liu Qiaozhen lost her composure and kicked him from the back. At the same time, she cursed at him to not ridicule himself here and to get lost immediately.Behind him, Chu Ling stared at his back, but she was not touched. She was utterly disappointed and disgusted instead!Indeed, Lin Wenjing was unable to come up with 20 million now. If it was in the past, 20 million to him was equivalent to two dollars to the commoner. He could just give it out casually. But now, he could not do that, so he had to find a way to stall them.“There’s no need to laugh at me. Give me a week’s time, and I promise to give you 20 million!” Lin Wenjing could barely conceal his diffidence in his voice when he spoke, and Chu Ling noticed that.“Enough!” Chu Ling interrupted in a cold voice.Lin Wenjing turned and saw the disappointment and detest in Chu Ling’s eyes. She did not even try to conceal the disappointment she had toward him.“Chu Ling, I—”Chu Ling cut him off. “Lin Wenjing, you have let me down completely. Get out now. You’re not in a place to meddle in my business.”Lin Wenjing said anxiously, “Chu Ling, listen to me. I really have 20 million!”“Lin Wenjing, in these 4 years, no matter how incompetent, cowardly or embarrassing you were, I did not detest you because you still have one positive characteristic, which is that you won’t puff yourself up and pretend to be someone you’re not. But now, you disgust me. I am disgusted just at the sight of your face!” Chu Ling glared at Lin Wenjing. Other than detest and disappointment, there was only indifference in her eyes.Lin Wenjing tried to speak, but realized that his words were stuck in his throat.Chu Ling continued, “You should go. Before I go to General Manager Wang, I will tell the lawyer to draft a divorce agreement. Once you sign it, I won’t be considered as being unfaithful to you.”The edge of her lips revealed a tiny smirk.Upon hearing her words, Lin Wenjing staggered backward. He felt that his heart had stopped beating, and he was suffocating in tremendous heart ache.In these four years of living together every day, he had fallen in love with Chu Ling unconsciously and had gotten used to the presence of Chu Ling. He could not imagine the days he would have to endure without Chu Ling!Everyone present was rejoicing in Lin Wenjing’s misfortune when they witnessed this scene, and they were all laughing at him.“Leave now. If you don’t want to destroy the last bit of good opinion I have for you, just leave. I don’t want to see you anymore.” Chu Ling turned away, trying hard to hold in her tears.Lin Wenjing had gotten used to her presence, and so did she. It was just that she had her own share of obligations, so she could not act as she wished.Lin Wenjing was stunned for a few seconds before he replied the word ‘alright’ in stupefaction. After that, he turned away and left soullessly.Lin Wenjing’s entire body was numb. He could not even recall how he reached downstairs until a resounding ringtone cut off his thoughts. In reflex, he accepted the call and raised the phone to his ears. Immediately, he heard an old man’s voice. “Excuse me, are you Lin Wenjing?”

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