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Michelle Obama: Listen to Trump and Vote for Biden



Former first lady Michelle Obama is urging voters not to stop listening to President Donald Trump and to channel their feelings about him into votes for Joe Biden.

Her comments came in a Wednesday Instagram post.

She wrote: “If you were turned off by the president’s behavior last night, I feel you. Believe me, I do. But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants.

“So turn those feelings into action—turn them into votes for my friend, @JoeBiden. It’s the only way we can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to this country. You can start by reaching out to everyone you know. Make sure they’re registered. Make sure they know how and when they’re going to vote. And then follow up with them, every day, to make sure they cast their ballot. Because in this election, we’ve got to vote for Joe in numbers that cannot be denied. 

The Tuesday debate was marked by angry interruptions and bitter accusations.

The candidates frequently talked over each other with the president interrupting, nearly shouting, so often that Biden snapped at him, “Will you shut up, man?”