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Puerto Rican voters, battered by crisis, could be pivotal for Biden in Florida



“You are the perfect guy to manage it. That’s what you told people. People will never forget.”

His grandfather founded the Popular Democratic Party on the island.

Trump lagged by 33 points behind among them. Biden could grow his Latino support among Puerto Ricans, some Cuban Americans and other voters with Latin American backgrounds.

Calls for more outreach

There have been rumblings in the community that Biden’s campaign has not been mobilizing Puerto Rican voters.

Vazquez-Hernandez said he still has not seen strong outreach to the Puerto Rican community. There is still time to turn things around, but “we still need to see more,” he said.

Many people left with their shirts on their back and their proud 787 numbers,” Perez said. He said they also asked for cell numbers with the 787 area code in Pennsylvania.

Mi Familia Vota turned to the field in Central Florida two weeks ago.

Jenn Earle, 34, a chiropractic graduate student, lives in Orlando after having grown up in New York. She said she will cast a ballot for Biden in person.

“It’s offensive,” she said of what she described as Trump’s disrespect toward Puerto Ricans. She also said he is “divisive for our country.”

From island voters to Florida voters?

Many did not feel secure about the process.

If they do, they give up their right to vote in Florida.