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South Dakota AG fatally struck man with car, initially told authorities he hit a deer



Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg struck and killed a pedestrian on Saturday evening, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety said.

There is a clear difference between a human and a deer,” Victor Nemec, Boever’s cousin, told NBC News on Monday.

Highway 14, according to a statement from the public safety department, which oversees the state’s highway patrol.

He’s unsure why he didn’t wait until the next day.

When Boever didn’t answer several calls from Nemec on Sunday morning, he drove to his cousin’s house. While on the road, he saw the pickup in the same spot. He also passed a fleet of firefighters, state troopers and local officials on the way to the house.

“I searched every room for him,” he said. “I was getting concerned and anxious.”

That Sunday afternoon, Gov.

There, the state trooper, funeral home director and the investigator overseeing the accident took out a body bag.

We knew right away it was my first cousin.”

“I’m angry and sad that it took this long for them to identify him,” Nemec said of the investigation.

Ravnsborg’s chief of staff, Timothy Bormann, said in a statement that the incident was “a tragic accident.”

“The Office of the Attorney General extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Mr. Boever,” Bormann said. Nemec wishes there was a little more transparency from state officials.

“We’re a small rural town and something like this creates a commotion,” he said. “This was all kept hush hush, and I want there to be accountability for my cousin’s death.”

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