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Florida Becomes Fifth State to Hit 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths—as New Case Numbers Drop



Florida, deemed a major epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, is now one of five states to have surpassed 10,000 deaths. As of Wednesday morning, 10,066 Floridians have died—a number only eclipsed by New York, New Jersey, California, and Texas—and 584,047 more have been diagnosed with the deadly virus. Despite this, Florida’s Department of Health confirmed 4,115 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, a steep decline from last month when the daily count was often over 10,000. But while cases are projected to keep falling, one Florida school district is already taking unprecedented measures to ensure the virus doesn’t spread. As reported by, Martin County Public Schools officials have quarantined 292 students and 16 employees since in-person schooling resumed last Tuesday.