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How To Find The ‘Avengers’ Beta’s Secret SHIELD Vault Mission



Well, I got all the way through the Avengers press beta a few weeks ago without managing to find a pretty important secret buried in the wilds of the (somewhat) open world, a secret SHIELD vault that leads to a totally new mission in the Frozen Tundra.

How do you find it? Here are the steps, and how to beat the mission itself:

1) Go Into Stark Realities

Stark Realities is one of the longer missions the beta gives you access to, and you will find the first step of this process here. Right when you load in, head to the left through the woods. After a little while you will see a radar indicator on your screen that say you are X meters away from something. Follow that, and you will be able to find a little pull tab on the ground that opens a SHIELD area, as seen above.Recommended For You

There is nothing in here but a few chests, and one is marked that you need to open. I am not positive if you have to finish Stark Realities or not for this to “count” but I did just to be safe. If you exit out and that works, let me know.

2) Find Frozen Tundra on the Map

Finding this secret vault unlocks a mission in one of the sections you have already been to for one of the earlier missions, the Frozen Tundra. It will not show up immediately on the world map, as you have to actually spin the globe around manually to find it on the other side of the world.

3) Explore

Frozen Tundra is a large zone, and I found that it ended up being full of more question mark locations (ie. mostly chests and VIPs) than anywhere else in the beta. You can rack up a lot of gear from exploring all these locations before you actually concentrate on the main meat of the mission. You will also find chests out here that can only be opened with DNA keys that you get from the Villain Lair. The problem? In the beta, I am not actually getting any loot out of these chests.

4) Open the Vault

The point of the mission is to get into an old SHIELD vault, which features a mechanic that is not in any of the other missions. The door will give you a series of three codes for you to enter to unlock the vault while fighting off waves of enemies. You go and stand on different numbers in the room to enter the numbers, then fight off enemies near the door. Do this three times and you’re in. The vault contains a few chests and then the mission completion reward is an epic rarity piece of gear, something no other mission in the beta will guarantee you.

That’s it. It’s not that difficult once you know what you’re doing, and I find this rather head-scratching because this is probably the best non-story mission in the beta because of how much you can explore and the somewhat interesting vault mechanic. But since it’s a secret, what percent of players will even find it before this weekend is over? Hence this guide. 

Anyway, let me know what loot you get. I’ve maxed all my characters so I’m probably done for now.

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