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Poll: 56% Of Biden Voters Say They’re Voting For Him Because He’s ‘Not Trump’




A majority of Joe Biden supporters say they’re voting for the candidate simply because he’s not President Trump, a Pew Research Center poll finds, a sign that Biden’s appeal may be less about his platform and track record, and more about animosity towards Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks


The poll, conducted July 27-August 2 in a survey of 2,028 voters, found that 56% of Biden supporters say they are voting for the presumptive Democratic nominee because he’s not Trump, far more than any other reason.

The second highest reason is leadership/performance (19%) followed by Biden’s “personality and temperament (13%). 

Trump supporters are more mixed when it comes to why they’re supporting the president’s reelection, with the top reason being Trump’s leadership/performance (23%), followed by his issue/policy positions (21%). 

19% said they were voting for the president because he’s “not Biden.” 

The poll also found Biden leading Trump by 8 points nationally, 53% to 45%.


Biden’s core pitch to voters has been about nostalgia for a pre-Trump America, instead of a major policy idea like Medicare for All. He has consistently said he is running to “restore the soul of the nation” and unify a country that’s sick of division and infighting. Biden has held few press conferences and refrained from holding events, preferring to let “Trump run against Trump,” as Hilary Rosen, a consulting partner of Biden adviser Anita Dunn, told Politico, describing the campaign strategy. The Trump campaign, in turn, has criticized Biden for holding few events and hiding out in his basement. 

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